The “C Clamp” is the most common way of attaching lights to the Schedule 40, 1.5″ outside diameter pipe. It simply bolts onto your lighting unit yoke and then snugs onto the pipe with the diagonal bolt. Tighten it securely, but not so much that you will bend or damage the bolt in any way. Always safely tie the unit to the pipe as well with a safety cable.

S4440Clamp ETC Pipe Clamp

This particular clamp from ETC will go up to a 2″ pipe.

Browse our selection of ETC pipe clamps.

Light Source Mega Clamp

This “C” clamp is a great lightweight version of a traditional “C” clamp. The Mega-Clamp is created from high tensile, aircraft grade, extruded aluminum, so it is both stronger and lighter than cast iron clamps. The Mega-Clamp’s safety factor far exceeds industry standards, breaking at over 2-1/2 tons at an independent testing laboratory. It is half the weight and twice as strong as most cast iron clamps.

Browse our selection of Light Source mega clamps.

fx_accessories_alt510[1] Altman 510 “C” Clamp

Fits up to a 1.5″ OD pipe.

View our Altman 510 “C” Clamp.

altman_510-hd Altman Heavy Duty Iron Pipe Clamp

Heavy-duty malleable iron: for 1-1/2″ to 2″ pipe. Includes 1/2-13 fixture attachment bolt.

View our Altman Heavy Duty Iron Pipe Clamp.


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