Design Journey, Part III – the Right Color!

If you’re just joining us, I’m lighting a local performance of The Drowsy Chaperone. I’ve been blogging my thoughts and experiences as a professional lighting designer. Click here to read from the beginning!

Did I pick the right color?  Gee, did I pick the right color?  OMG, I hope I picked the right color!

OK – now I am just talking about some down-ish back light here.  I have chosen a double 201 as a daylight shadow color, then a R80 as a romantic dark blue night color and then R26 as a red to be able to heat things up and tone them a bit.

(Top) Rosco 201, (Middle) Roscolux R26, (Bottom) Roscolux R80

They are all RECESSIVE!!!  I am worried.  Perhaps I should move the daylight shadow color to a light blue with some green in it to clean up the picture a bit.
Here is a good argument to have solid quality LED units.  Instead of having to pull out the ladders, you can just dial up a new color to choose from.

Just a few of the LED Units we have at the



The COLORado 3P IP in action!

The COLORado 3P IP in action!

Well, I have been away from the theatre for a week.  The set painting should now be done, so indeed I will judge when I get in. I can’t shake the feeling that the double 201 will be turned into a light blue with some green in it.
Visit the for a wide selection of LED units, including more from the Chauvet COLORado series.
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