Color Frame Slot Accessories

In this section we will cut the gel for you to fit the size gel frame you want it to be.

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Lighting gel is the most common way of coloring your light.  They are sold in many different way but the most common is in 20″ x 24″ gel sheets.  Click here to see the different color lines that are available.  The amount of colors is almost overwhelming.

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Roundels are glass colored lenses that usually get used in strip lights.

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Click here to find more options including gel that can go over fluorescent tubes.

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A barndoor is meant to help adjust the edge of a light that does not have internal shutters.  They help “cut” the light off of a surface you do not want them on.  They are not something that is going to give you a sharp line but will help control the line of the light to a point.

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A color scroller is a device that has multiple gel colors taped together in a long “string”.  Through your lighting controller you bring the channel to a controller and it then brings you to that particular color.  For simplicity if it was a ten color color string then every ten percent change on your channel would bring you to the next color.

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A donut is used in the color frame slot or the one to help “sharpen” the image.  It helps hold back lighting flare and thus giving you a sharper image.  If you have a gobo image that just isn’t sharp enough for you, this will help you.

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A gel frame is either a metal or a specialized cardboard that holds the color gel in the gel frame slot.

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