Design Journey, Part IV – GET ‘ER DONE!



If you’re just joining us, I’m lighting a local performance of The Drowsy Chaperone. I’ve been blogging my thoughts and experiences as a professional lighting designer. Click here to read from the beginning!



We are about to enter tech week;  a tech week that I elongated beyond the scheduled schedule!  Initially, it was tech on a Sunday and open on that Thursday. Five days!  That’s NUTS!!!  Not only is this a show with a lot of cues, it is also being done with a lot of followspot cues in a educational environment.  These are people that have to be trained to begin with.  So I am starting cueing the Tuesday before the Sunday. 

The first thing I am going to do is put some light on the stage and only play with the followspots first.  This way when I take light away in the moments where the followspots are working, it won’t leave the show in complete darkness.  I never expect a Director to have to direct in darkness.  It never goes well!

Soap. Box. Done.

Soap. Box. Done.

On to GET ‘ER Done!

To Do Lists, people!

Theatre is a process that needs to get things done.  You can dream and invent all you want, but until you get it done, you can not refine it.  Beginning from the initial design phase to your paperwork to the implementation of the design, the sooner you start, the better the show will be. If you want an agita free tech, then you have to make a list and get things done.





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