Design Journey: The Drowsy Chaperone


Please join me in a design journey!

I have been asked to design a production of The Drowsy Chaperone at one of my local colleges.  Quite honestly, designing is fun and something I love to do.  However, it is something that I have taken a break from as I have concentrated on building the  The good news for me is that there are wonderful people here at the store who have taken on more leadership roles, which is enabling me to step back into doing some design work.  So join me in this process, and if you’re in the North Florida area, please come see the show in April. 🙂

How to begin…

I have to make sure I do a really, really good job.  I can’t keep advising people to help them do a good job without doing a wonderful job myself.  So as I tell people, “know the script, get to know the text, understand the piece”.  I think I have read the script five times now.  It is such a great show that I really can’t wait to help the audience understand where in time and place the show takes them.  Once you know the show you have to answer the simple question: What is this show about from a lighting point of view?

My goal is to help the audience understand when they are in the present day apartment of the “Man,” and then know when they are in the 1920’s musical – to be able to transform time and space, while keeping with the musical quality of the score.

My side goal is to paint the stage in 1920’s lighting colors during the musical portion while balancing it with today’s visual sensibility.  I have a theory that since so much of our entertainment is watching TV Sitcoms, that there is a balance of crystal clear light on the people that needs to be achieved, while being able to wash and texture the scenery with the more saturated colors from 1920 musicals.

Technical side goal – I walked into the space where it is being performed and their box boom positions are too far back and there is no side light position or even a downlight position for the apron.  This must be solved.  I can guarantee that most of the play will find its way on to the substantial apron.  I have to be able to treat that area effectively.

So, until it opens in April I will share my experience with you and let you know how it’s going!






The journey continues in Part II

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