A fresnel provides a soft circle of light that is adjustable from spot to flood, or otherwise known as smaller to bigger.  The fresnel lens, which was originally used in lighthouses, has a circular ridge pattern built in.  It is this ridge pattern that dictates the smooth, soft edge.  You may flood the light out or make it smaller by adjusting the relationship of the lamp to the reflector.  The closer the lamp is to the reflector, the tighter the light will be.  The further away from the reflector, the wider the lamp will be.  Some units use a wing nut on the bottom to loosen the lamp, letting the lamp slide back and forth, and others have a hand crank in the back of the unit to accomplish the same thing.  The fresnel blends very nicely with others and is a wonderful way of coloring areas. Some typical uses of a fresnel is to put color on the floor or on a curtain.

3″ Fresnel – Lamped at 100-250 watts, a 3-inch fresnel is a great short-distance fresnel. Great in small nightclub and hidden spots on stage. I like to use these in ceilings that are 8 to 12 feet tall.  It also makes a great gift for theatrical people for their homes.  Imagine having that theatrical feel in your home lighting.

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6″ Fresnel – Lamped at 500 or 750 watts, a 6-inch fresnel is great for distances from 8 to 22 feet (all opinion, remember there are no hard and fast rules).

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7″ Fresnel – ETC combines the efficiency of the HPL lamp with the singular optical qualities of the fresnel optical system to create the truly advanced ETC Source Four Fresnel. Traditional fresnel optics provide a unique quality of blending wash light and beam shaping via barn doors for well-defined, soft-edged area lighting. The Source Four Fresnel combines this classic system with a unique reflector design enabling the HPL 750W-equipped Source Four Fresnel to equal the lumen output of other 1000W fresnel fixtures. Spot-to-flood focus is accomplished by large, easy-to-use knob for quick adjustments in inconvenient positions. The unique Quick exchange socket design permits re-lamping from underneath the fixture without breaking focus in most situations.

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8″ Fresnel – Lamped at 1000 Watts, an 8-inch fresnel is great for long throw needs.
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