Gobo & Iris Slot Accessories

A steel gobo is a metal disc that has shapes etched into it.  The light passes through some and not through other places thus projecting the image.  A steel gobo will allow the light come through that is emitted by the actual lamp and then if you desire to color it you would use gel in a gel frame placed in the gel frame accessory slot.  One thing to understand about steel gobos is that there will be “tabbing” to make it so that the metal does not fall out.  In general you do not see this in the image unless you focus it sharply and are looking for it.

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A glass gobo has the ability of adding color to the actual gobo, thus giving you the ability of having multiple colors.  Glass gobos do not require tabbing.

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Plastic gobos have the same benefits of glass gobos but can only be used in LED units.  Conventional units would melt plastic gobos very quickly.

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While the gobo manufacturers of thousands of stock images, you may want your very own.  You can order a custom gobo as long as you either provide us with the artwork in a image format like a .jpg or .pdf.

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A gobo (pattern) holder is that holder that you put the gobo in that you then slip into the light.  Make sure you get the right one for your unit.

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A gobo rotator let’s you spin that gobo around and around.  Some of them are single speed and some of them are variable speed.  You can also get a twin spin or double gobo rotator that holds two gobos that you then spin in opposite directions.

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An iris, just like in your eye or a camera, help you reduce the size of the circle of light to your specific desire.

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