Happy Halloween from us at the Stage Lighting Store!


We are in Halloween Eve and it is possible that you are in a situation that life has gotten busy and you have not had the chance to decorate for Halloween.  Perhaps you still want to be a little festive with the trick or treaters so here is just a really quick idea to make it special when they come to the door.

  1. Go get some glow sticks and put them in the bowl of your treats. Place your treats over them.
  2. Go get a flashlight.
  3. Have someone standing by the light switch for the porch.

Here is the scenario:

Your house looks normal.  The adorable trick or treaters come up to the door.  They knock and say trick or treat.  As your just about the open the door have your lighting technician flash the porch lights on and off and then have them be off.  Shine the flashlight on your face from the bottom and great them with a goolish look and statement.  Then offer them some candy from a glowing bowl while you say Mua ha ha ha.

Then turn the porch light back on and wish them a Happy Halloween!

Make adjustments as necessary but have fun with it!

Happy Halloween!


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