Holiday Theatricality for your House of Worship

A Christmas Tree is beautiful on it’s own.  A Christmas Tree with pretty ornaments on it looks even better.  A Christmas Tree with lights on it is MAGICAL!

Many say that Theatre developed out of religious rituals.  Certainly many spiritual moments have a theatrical moment to them.  When we come to the holiday season it is quite common that the services will a biblical story that will be enhanced with scenery, costumes and lighting.

Three Kings_BlogThose of you who have been fortunate enough to see the Radio City Music Christmas Spectacular would agree that their Manger scene is incredibly beautiful and moving.  The scene is rich in color and movement.  The story that is touching to many is brought to life as the Star of Bethlehem grows in size and brightness.  It creates a majestic warmth that envelopes the entire stage in it’s grandeur.  While your house of worship may not have the superior technical abilities of Radio City Music Hall, there are ways to add theatrical lighting into your building.

You may already have lighting units that are set to focus on particular areas of the stage with a dimming control system.  If so, this may be a time when you can make some adjustments to some lights that are rarely used (or you know are not being used for that service).

If you have no lighting system in place, think of this as an opportunity to enhance your holiday services with a theatrical lighting system that will also benefit your place of worship all year long.  It can be very helpful for you to have the ability to move the focus onstage from a podium to the choir to perhaps a side stage area.  Finally, there are portable systems that you can bring in to create special effects such as moonlight and stars a gentle fire.  These can have major impact with a minor budget.

If you need help in transforming your space, please feel free to reach out to us.  Take a couple of digital photos and email them to and we can help you create a more magical environment.

We want to hear from you! What are you planning to light this holiday season?


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