How is Lighting like your Best Friend?

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Well, it’s always there for support of course!

Welcome back!  This week we’re discussing lighting goal #4- Supporting the story.

This is an issue that is always up for interpretation.  Before you can decide how best to support the story, your team needs to decide what your production as a whole is trying to tell the audience.

For instance, say you’re lighting a rock concert.  The star of the show steps on stage and yells “ARE YOU READY TO ROCK (insert your current city here)?!”  The audience screams wildly as the lights start to rise.  You then look around the room and notice the horrified and confused faces of those who don’t understand your choice of pepto bismol pink lights and bunny gobos on the walls.  *GASP*  Maybe you made some questionable choices on how to support what we’re trying to convey.  Next time, ask yourself: What is this piece about, and how do I best support what we’re trying to tell the audience?  THIS is where your artistic decisions can really blossom.

So, how do we decide what we want to tell the audience?  Well, what level of reality makes the most sense?  Are you going for a realistic or abstract approach?  Here are some questions to help:

-How realistic is the set?

– Are there real doors and windows?

– Does this production use light to convey movement to a new location or setting?

You can read more about supporting the story with light here

So, what are some artistic decisions that you’ve made to help support the story?

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