How to Make Snow

Oh the weather outside is frightful, but the show is so delightful, and since we’ve paid for orchestra seats… Let it snow!   Let it Snow!   Let it snow!

While many hope for a White Christmas and that the stars will align to give us the right temperature and humidity level to give us a nice dusting of snow for the holiday, on stage we have to make it happen on cue each and every time.

Generally there are three ways of doing it. The first is small plastic pieces of snow falling from the grid. Some use a snow bag to accomplish this. A snow bag is a piece of fabric tied onto two fly pipes that are about two feet apart. You are creating a cradle to hold the plastic snow. On the top part of the upstage side you will cut a bunch of slits that the snow can fall out of. Then when you want it to snow you raise and lower the pipe with the side of the cradle that has the holes in it and shake it up and down. The snow will fall however hard or soft that you shake the pipe up and down.


Another way to do it is to have a snow barrel/cradle. It is a long tubular object that has the snow inside of it, so that when you roll it around and around the snow then falls out of those holes.


The easiest way to do it is to use a snow machine that shoots out soap bubbles that from a distance look like snow. Aside from being easy, it’s also convenient for clean up because the bubbles dissolve themselves. The downside is that the snow machines sound like very loud vacuum cleaners. The trick in using those would be to have a scene that needs snow, and also a whole lot of loud music covering it.


(Please sing in your head)
…and when we finally say good night, in the lobby of the theatre that we’re at. How we’ll comment on how the snow, made the effect of the night!

If you need help making a decision about a snow machine, feel free to send us your questions at

Happy Holidays

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