How Would You Create this Spooky Sky?

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Here is something new we are adding.  I would like to begin a discussion of ideas on how to accomplish some visual pictures. I will post an interesting photo that incorporates scenery and lighting and throw out my ideas on how to accomplish it.  Then I invite others to make suggestions on how they would do it.  There is never one way of do something.shutterstock_112193774

If I was challenged to either recreate this image or simply use it as inspiration my first thought goes to, what are the layers?  I ask myself this question because different layers will be treated differently both with lighting and physical placement.

  • SKY –  The furthest most upstage part of this picture is the sky itself.  There are a few ways that I would ask for this to be done.  Either the look is painted in and I simply have to backlight the drop to give it luminescence or it is a dark blue piece of fabric that I then use some large open patterns with some light and middle blues to blend the mottled look.  I would play with some Roscolux 63, Roscolux 65 and Roscolux 381.  I would also play with some of the gobos of this style…
  • MOON – The moon wants to be a frosted piece of plexi with some craters sandpapered (scraped) into the surface.  I would love to put a hole in the backdrop and be able to really pump some N/C light through that hole illuminating the moon.  You may find that you would want a circle of light from the front of the moon at about 20-30%.  I really hope not but until you play with it you really won’t know.
  • HAZE – I’m hoping the light that bounces off of the moon from behind and with haze in the air gives those straight lines of light in the atmosphere.
  • THIN BRANCHES – I would love to see these a few feet downstage of the moon and real actual branches spray painted black.  Not treated with light just left to the silhouette.
  • LARGE TREES – Flat cutouts further downstage then the thin branches covered with a thick black duvateen or velour.  Not treated with light just left to the silhouette.

A picture like this has to have the scenery and the lighting working together.

Give us your ideas, how would you do it?


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