Let’s Play Jeopardy!


Answer – Use Stage Lighting

Question – How do I get visual variation quickly and without spending on extra scenery?

So often we need to transform the environment we are in.  It may be a musical review with a very simple set that we want to keep visually interesting so the audience doesn’t get bored.  It could be a dance recital with just one group of people after another coming on the stage. It could be the television show “The Voice”, which has the same basic scenery but each song needs a different feel.  All of these events want to be able to change the look and vibe of the location.

One of the principal goals of stage lighting is to be flexible and have the ability to change.  The easy way to do this is by color and shape.  The really really easy way of doing that is by using lighting fixtures that allow you to change their color and shape from a control panel.  Often we speak of the benefits of LED fixtures that have built in color mixing.  What a wonderful thing it is to be able to change the color of your wash at your whim!

In this example we are able to show how a school cafeteria that is draped can have so many different looks simply by changing the lighting.

Fire and Ice

As budgets get tight, it is often more important to spend a little less on the scenery options and more on the lighting because you can go from just a few scenic choices to a hundred scenic choices.

Since prom season is coming up, consider these thoughts.  Draping fabric is a great way to hide ugly walls, and drape works for many different types of events. Drapes and lighting are an investment into all of your events.  When choosing drapes, do consider the fire rating of the fabric.  Visit our fabric section to see some options.  Then choose LED fixtures where you can change your look through out the evening.  The students will think they are in a really “Swanky” place 🙂










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