Other Hanging Devices

Light Source mega claw Light Source Mega Claw

This allows one person to hang intelligent fixtures. Simply flip the link up, place clamp over the pipe and the Mega-Claw holds the weight of the fixture for you while you secure it.

Browse our selection of mega claws by Light Source.

Half Coupler Wing Nut Half Coupler with Wing Nut

Clamps on to a 1.5″ OD pipe with your fingers and allows you to hang the fixture with the same.

Browse our selection of half couplers with wing nut.

City Theatrical Extension Tube City Theatrical Vertical Extension Tubes

These allow you to stagger the height of units. This is extremely beneficial in your side light positions. You can hang the units closer together and still make the side light shot with this accessory. If the lights were hung at the same height, you would have to space them further apart to not hit each other and block the light.

Browse our selection of vertical extension tubes by City Theatrical.

Side Arms Side Arm

Allows you to hang a lighting unit on a vertical pipe typically called a boom. This is very common in front of house box booms and onstage booms. They allow you maximum flexibility in focusing on a boom.

Browse our selection of side arms.

Side Arm Tee Tee

The piece that fits on a side arm and actually attaches the light to the side arm. Side arms can have multiple tees on them to hang multiple units.

Browse our selection of tees.

Hanging Iron Hanging Irons

These are used to hang strip lights on to hanging lighting positions.

Browse our selection of hanging irons.


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