Robert Dickinson Lights the 2014 Oscars

Robert (Bob) Dickinson returned to lighting the Oscars this year, and he did an AMAZING job!

Dickinson has a lot of experience under his belt.  He’s been lighting since the 1980’s and has won 18 Primetime Emmys. Since 2013, he’s lit the NAACP Image Awards, the 2013 Grammy Awards, the 2013 Oscars, the 2013 Tony Awards, the 2013 Emmy Awards, the 2014 Golden Globe Awards and the 2014 Grammy Awards!  Are you as exhausted as we are after that list?

When someone has designed 26 Oscar broadcasts (now 27!) and the Olympic ceremonies, we love to watch their technique in action.  In the office, we’ve watched “Let it Go” about 25 times now, and it’s a striking visual event event.

Dickinson has an amazing ability to transform environments in a colorful and sparkling way.  One of the most incredible aspects of his work is the combination of lighting for video and stage at the same time. He keeps the camera and the audience equally happy.

"Let it Go" is instantly ice-y.

“Let it Go” is instantly ice-y.

"Happy" just makes you smile

“Happy” just makes you smile

"Moon Song" is intimate and romantic

“Moon Song” is intimate and romantic





Hats off to a genuinely skilled lighting designer and a fabulous show.  We can’t wait to see his future work!

Happy Oscars!


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