Rose Week

Tech Week – Rose Week
Would a rose by any other name smell as sweet?
This is one of those soap box posts.
I have often heard people call tech week, hell week.  Some speak of it in fear and others in a strange pride.  I am not a fan of this.  If our goal is to put on a complete production that marries the work of the performers and that of the physical aspects like scenery, lighting and costumes then why not do it in a pleasant way.  So here are some hints on making it pleasant.
1 – Does it really all have to happen in one week?  Plus if your show is going to open on a Thursday or a Friday do you even have one week?  Look at your schedule carefully and see if you can introduce technical elements into your rehearsal process earlier.  Adding them a little at a time helps build a solid production.
2 – Introduce elements that others need to work with first.  If you solve others needs first, they won’t be coming to you for it or upset that you haven’t supplied it.
3 – Be nice and respectful.  
4 – Sleep.  If you are over tired you are simply not efficient.
5 – Plan realistically.  Do not over promise.  Why cause a false expectation?
6 – Ask for help when you need it.  Not getting something done because you didn’t ask for help doesn’t help in getting it done.
7 – Do not believe in this false idea of Actor vs. Techie.  We are not putting on two productions.  We are working together to make one magical event.  
8 – Then when it is time to join all of the elements the performing side of the show has to be ready.  If it is still being blocked or choreographed then the technical elements won’t have the time to get it right.  Tech does not just magically appear.  It does need time to work out the issues that arise.
9 – Learn when to let it go.  It is better to do 50 cues really well then 75 cues not as well.
10 – Look forward to the challenge of creating on a time frame.  If that is not you, then perhaps a different art medium is for you.  Opening Night is Opening Night.  It is on a calendar and usually does not change.  The greatest lessons I have learned in life have been from doing shows.  Theatrical People have a very special work ethic.
What we do is wonderful, fun, enriching and touching.  Why would you call it Hell Week?Soap. Box. Done.louie_hancock
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