Starry Skies, Moons, and Sunrises

This week Russ and Tad talk about how to make authentic starry skies, moons, and sunrises.

The discussion includes:

  • Fiber Optics
  • Duvateen
  • Circle Mirrors
  • Moving the moon around the stage
  • Ways to make your effects more authentic
  • And more!

Halloween Tips & Tricks with Light!

Halloween Banner

Join Russ and Tad this week as they discuss easy to do lighting projects for your Haunted House and Trick-or-Treaters.  With plenty of tricks using star strobes to glow sticks, they’ve got something for everyone.  Russ discusses some of his past haunted projects (hilarious) and some great ideas for all ages.  They even manage to talk about the Wizard of Oz a bit!  Now there’s something with a lot of costumes.

Download : Halloween Podcast 2013



Gobo Podcast



This week’s podcast is all about gobos! Tune in as Tad discusses things such as: What is a gobo? Where does the term ‘gobo’ come from? What are they used for? And more!

Download : Gobo Podcast