Using Gobos For Your Easter Services

Spring will be here soon and with it, Easter season begins. Whether you are planning Easter Services or Passion Plays, you don’t have to have a large budget to make the most of your decorating needs! Imagine walking into your sanctuary on Palm Sunday to find palm fronds projected along the entrance walkway or stained glass windows and other Easter related images projected onto the normally blank walls. This is not only possible but is easy to do using a simple and inexpensive tool called a gobo.


A gobo is a metal or glass stencil that goes inside of a theatrical ellipsoidal light (Don’t know what that is? Just call us – we’ll help!). It blocks some light and lets other light through to allow you to project a specific image. They are an inexpensive and fast way of creating the scenery in your building.

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We’re gathering more amazing Easter design ideas on our Pinterest. Share your photos with us on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter or good old-fashioned email (ha!).

If you want to project multiple colors then you need glass gobos, but if you want white or one color like purple (using a sheet of gel) then a metal gobo is perfectly appropriate. You can also make your own design for a custom gobo.

Purple Gels

For the ambitious looking to recreate Jesus’ tomb in your production or service, you can use Flexcoat and Foamcoat to create realistic textured surfaces, such as brick and stone.

FoamCoat and FlexCoat

Holidays and projected scenery are a perfect match! Take a moment to click here and look at a wonderful assortment of pre-made Easter Gobo Choices or design your own by clicking here.

If you need help with your gobos, getting the ellipsoidals to project the gobos, or just have some additional questions about how to transform your space, please call our advisors at (904) 683-5553 or simply email them at Send them some digital photos of your space and they will be happy to offer advice on how to “Easter up” your area!



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