We All Need The Sun

Lighting shows, stages and arenas and be challenging; ask any lighting designer!   But I’ll bet you never thought the sun would need any help with lighting!

Well that’s just the case in two different cities, for two very different reasons.  In Beijing, China, the air pollution levels were so high this past January (levels they hadn’t been seen since January 2013) that the only sunrise and clear blue skies visible were the ones broadcasted on giant LED screens in Tienanmen Square.



In Norway, the town of Rjukan sits between two very steep mountains, blocking the low winter sun from the town’s 3,400 residents for nearly half a year. From the near the end of September to around the middle of March, the town isn’t totally dark, but it’s not bright either, more likely described as flat or subdued.  This past October, residents were able to see the sun and feel it’s warm rays reflected from 183 square foot mirrors positioned at the top of the mountain.  Solar powered sensors are set to automatically adjust the angle of the mirrors to provide the most sunlight possible at any given time of day!




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